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Sydney Morgan Emoji Tie-Dye Kit

Sydney Morgan Emoji Tie-Dye Kit

Preppy purples and pinks oh my!

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A kit of colorful awesome. There's nothing to it. Experiment with your favorite tie dye method or follow the enclosed instructions.

Whether you're a daredevil or not, you'll certainly have a snatched shirt.


Not sure how to do it? Follow Sydney's lead:

Check out Sydney's tie dye skills here!

The serious stuff:

  • 4 pastel color dyes already loaded in individual pour bottles
  • 1 Sydney Morgan Emoji T-shirt
  • A set of rubber bands
  • Instructions
  • A pair of plastic application gloves
  • With a purchase of this kit, you could get a second Sydney Morgan Emoji White T-shirt for $7 instead of the usual price.
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