More than Merch.

A fan-first creator launchpad.

Why stop there?

You should not be stuck with only 1 merch method: drops. We have a drop, pop and nonstop strategy with options for precise synchronization, memberships, fan art, seasonality, holidays, collector serialization and even personalization.

You should have control over your music merch. We work with Billboard, Luminate, Spotify, record producers, record labels, artists and can help end-to-end.

You should have the opportunity for a photo shoot. We have the space, equipment and resources.

You should be able to wear and use your merch beforehand and see it made. We send samples. We give warehouse tours and you can come print, embroider, pack and ship your merch in a TikTok or with a Packed With Love By <me> card or your own creative ideas.

You should be able to reach all of your global audience. We handle the various tax and shipping complexities, returns and near-24/7 support to expand your global reach.

You should not be limited by stuffy corporate types. We are flexible with our communications and timing to match you and allow you to focus on your content and creativity. We bend rules. We do A-B testing. We adjust to you and the fans.

You should be able to creatively integrate your merch. We can integrate livestreams, YouTube Shop, Twitter/X, Twitch, Spotify, Shopify mobile, Google Analytics, product placements and pretty much anything you can imagine.

You should be able to offer unique products that fit you and your moments. We have access to and experience with plushies, jewelry, albums, pillows, blankets, posters, knitted sweaters and beanies, all-over prints and 1000s of products in many colors and styles.

You should not have to worry about fan satisfaction. We have friendly support, simple returns, quality products, a memorable package-opening experience and a mindset to build long-term relationships and beat expectations.

2+ years of operation.

Over 1,000 orders a day.

2 warehouses.

50,000 square feet.

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